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About Us

With dreams that sparked in unison, we sketched together many a firework.

First, in our little 3×4 studio a few moons ago, we created, we strategized, we built brands.

Then, we built a bridge with visuals and craft and let these brands soar, glisten and fly to the world, for the world.

Today, we are here, with ambition greater than before to do something big and better the world around us.

We are a community of creators, helping sustainable brands reach the world through effective communication, visuals and technology.

Ride with us, if you may because we are on a roller coaster, uphill and upwards.



You call it Branding.
We call it ‘Shibui’.
Simple, yet complex.
Precise in terms of the idea, yet broad in terms of its appeal. Subtle but obvious.

Subjective in its nature, yet objective in its demeanor,

Branding is as true as the saying-

‘Man is a social animal.’

No man can escape the necessity of clear and thorough communication. In other words Branding is a must!

And someone who can do it well is rare.
As they say,
“Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” So what have you got to say?
Ps: Dont ask what ‘Shibui’ means.

Visual Identity Campaigns


They say unleashing the inner demons is perilous. We say the unleashing is an art not everyone is good at.

The process of designing is wild, free and demonic. Only the outcome is tamed, cured and angelic. Let’s just say, the balance is the key here.
And who said only Yoga could give you that balance?
Dont you worry about that though, cause we got it covered!

All you need to do is trust us with your catharsis.

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